Wednesday, September 23, 2009

market and other insanity

and cell phone in hand - i'm ready.  everything packed, all counted, bins loaded, suitcases packed...and the phone - which is supposed to have a virtual keyboard (but only when it feels like it) decides to act up once again.  30 days to exchange it - 30 days is next wednesday.  everytime it misbehaves i threaten to take it back to the store.  everytime i threaten - it shows me the horizontal  virtual keyboard.  today i had had enough - had put the phone into time out about 4 times and decided enough was enough.  all the way across town and traded in the phone - he broke the hard case section that goes on the back of my phone - they didn't have any more.  he was supposed to transfer everything over - guess what - somewhere my calendar got lost so i have to recreate that. 

have to remember how to set all of the "stuff" up again because they no longer give out little booklets that you can sit and read - nope - you get a cd and you get to print out the 205 pages of instructions as to how to work your phone...problem is - that it prints right in the middle of the page in the tinest writing you could imagine. i am - trying to charge the new phone with the empty calendar and no music in it - because even though he seemed to have switched over the memory card - remember - i have to get out the 205 pages to figure out where the flipping music actually is and low and behold - i can't get a horizontal virtual keyboard (see the beginning of this rant).  now i call the store - i get "him" on the phone and his answer to the questions i ask is "well, maybe that's how the phone is supposed to work".  WRONG ANSWER.  he was with a client at the moment and i told him he really didn't want to see my face down there again and i am now waiting for him to call me back and at the same time, writing this and e-mailing with my dearest friend judy bielec in texas - she's trying to calm me down...

am i ready for market - i was until about 2 hours ago.  i actually went and had him destroy my phone, get a new flat iron, get gas in my car and be back in less than an hour - the girls were very impressed...but i still don't have a virtual horizontal keyboard...and he also lost the photo of daisy buchanan when she was a little girl...that was my wallpaper!!

kay has gone off to get us "happy meals" from micky d's...and it probably won't help - but there is nothing like a disgusting french fry to make me feel better.

off to accomplish the rest of my "here" lists before i go home and set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

see you all when we get back...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - i hate new cell phones :)


Margaret said...

Oh Lois! Such bad timing! I hope you get it all figured out -- or perhaps beat the sh** out of the guy at the store. :D We've had similar guys at our cell phone store too. They just don't seem to have a clue, either with their products or with how to be helpful to their customers. Grrrr!

Good luck and have fun at market!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I dread when we switch from Verizon to AT&T...trying to talk Frank out of it!!