Thursday, September 3, 2009

and just because

they can - the geese are back - all of them - munching in the field last night.  silly geese - i guess they decided against heading south with the hurricane in cabo making flying kind of bad at the moment!!

am working on a wonderful knitted noro blanket with kureyon wool.  my problem is that it's a "big" row - and it takes a bit to get across and last night i was so tired that my eyes started to cross - didn't have to rip - but could have gotten ugly.  am taking one of these to europe next year in the spring - won't have to pack a coat...or so i'm hoping.  4 balls down - 8 to go...and then a second one with more muted colors.

have a ton of stitching to get done too - am doing something for a designer that just is taking me way longer than i suspected...but it's very beautiful and i hope she will be patient with me - and it's beautiful pink on brown linen - very chic!!

twitter is just amazing - it really is...annie is going to help me with my new phone so i can get the tweets there - but it is quite amazing.  mr. bear has my old phone (blackberry) and is having fun learning how to ride that beastie.  daisy buchanan and the boys keep sending him text messages - he can actually get to them and read them...but has informed me he needs a "poker" to send anything back because his fingers are just too big for the keypad.
i think some "real" glasses might help the cause too - but i believe that is like barking in hurricane force winds - nobody can hear me :)

enjoy your day - in early (6:25 again) but i plan on moving at least three mountains today.

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