Saturday, September 12, 2009

boomers abound

good morning...we are having one of those wretchedly humid days - there's a hurricane off some coast somewhere and it is thick and gray and nasty and my husband tells me this is the last day of it and i hope he's right.

thunder and dry lightening strikes on the way in this morning...but, if it does rain - it will split the walnuts and they can start harvesting those.  the dust and dirt is impossible right now...almond harvest is in full production and everything - including all living and breathing things - have a thin (or thick depending on location) layer of dust on them.  the horizon is brown and the only way to see blue sky is to look straight up!!!  driving thru it is equally fun - dust so thick that they put up warning signs as you enter the brown cloud (with all the windows up thank you) and emerge on the other's just all quite amazing.  shaking first then sucking them up with giant machines...there is no hiding from it :)

maybe if we had a little rain it would "settle the dust" or make mud on my car...who knows.

kay and i are working today - trying to get everything in order for shipping next week - it's going to be very busy - and annie is off making the final preparations for a beer pong party that four couples host as a fund raiser for the church.  beer pong party starts at two this afternoon and the designated drivers are all lined up.

think i'd be smart to get off this computer and hit the save button on everything - rather be safe than so terribly sorry.  have a great saturday - i'm gone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Donna said...

Your weather sounds just awful. Soooo sorry but nicer days are always around the corner.