Friday, September 11, 2009

good day - but be alert at dusk!!!

it seems my little town here in the central valley is right on the migratory flight line between north and south.  the canadian geese have finally headed down south - now that the hurricane on the mexico penninsula is over, the flying will not be quite so bumpy - and fast on their little geese heels came the starlings.  we had the scouts arrive here about two weeks ago...and last night...the first wave of the little darlings appeared enmasse.  now, don't get me wrong, i love birds.  we have some of the dumbest doves i have ever seen in this town.  we actually rescue them all the time - lots of nests in our arbor at home - and we finally convinced them that nesting in the feeders in the trees was not such a good idea - especially when it was time for birdie flight school and most especially when there are at least five kitties watching and praying for that event, but i digress (as usual).

so, back to the starlings.  driving home last night after an errand stop, it's just dusk.  i get to the corner of floyd & oakdale.  everything is good until i look up at the utility wires and there they are!!!!
this is a farming valley - we have a canel system for water that is amazing - we also use that water movement thru the canels to produce our electricity - because of that - there are lots of utility poles and lots of utility wires.  at this particular street corner there are utility wires 4 deep on the poles.  4 deep utility wires means 4 deep starlings and thousands of them.  so many infact that they buckle the wires under all the weight and the utility wires get a sad case of the droops. 

moral of this story...never drive thru 2 million starlings with your moon roof open.  i will leave the rest to your very active imaginations :)  it could have gotten far uglier than it actually was!!!

have a very great weekend.  bruce tells me this is our last very hot day - i'm hoping he's right - am looking for cooler days - we're all just a little tired of the heat by now.  had a conversation with jean lea at attic last week - she thinks we all get just a little bit wonky this time of year - our brains have been fried and our bodies are telling us that it should be getting cooler and we continue to hope for just a little bit cooler days.  i think this year modesto & mesa, arizona kind of stayed in tandem with the temps...

off to do update and try and clear off some more rubble - my life's work it seems!!

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