Thursday, August 27, 2009

and you all thought i was kidding...

but...i actually did some changing on the blog...and i think i'm going to change it just a little so it isn't just an extension of the shop - but in fact more of an extension of me - whatever that means.

this blogging is really quite interesting actually. who would have ever thought - and here - we have all spent thousands of dollars learning how to use web sites and now we have this wonderful invention called blogging - truly an amazing invention.

i have to tell you - this has been just the weirdest damn week i have ever spent.  had a wonderful weekend in sacramento actually taking a class instead of hosting one...great class, great teacher, great weekend.  learned quite a bit and make a few stops at a quilt shop, a beading shop (two of those actually) and a great knit shop up in rocklin, ca.  and of course, i had to purchase a few just wouldn't have been the same...  got home late sunday evening, hit the bricks running on monday and for the life of me - i just don't know what has happened to people and being civilized and thoughtful or at least having the tinest bit of courtesy and consideration for the other person.  has this economy turned us all into demanding, crabby, abusive individuals - am beginning to think so and if nothing else - i am the eternal pollyana most of the time but whew - i do believe my pollyana type behavior is really being tested!!!  will elaborate on this a little bit later - after i have tamed my fingers and my brain down so that i can write something other than @#$%#@$^&^# across the page in describing certain behaviors.

nicky and daisy doggers have had the doggie flu - daisy got it monday night - she stayed with her dadda all day tuesday and basically slept it off - but news reports everywhere around here about dogger flu and to be very, very careful...apparently it's killing some of the less strong and older dogs.  mine are all under the age of two years...and the oldest, mr. gatsby has not contacted it - but it seems to be spaced about a week apart.  totally listless, turning head away from snacks and treats and throwing up (no food - just throwing up).  it seems to last about 36 hours - and all they want is water and sleep - much like us - can't even get them to lick vanilla ice cream - just not interested.  so watch out for your creatures - they need their mamas and daddas right now protect them.

i'm going to be doodling around with the rest of the blog - there are some beautiful ones out there - and i just need to fidget and fiddle and see what i can put where...but a few more days at 6:30 a.m. in the shop and i should be sort of caught up...but we are redoing us and redoing our interests and outlets first, making some changes in how we do business and what is of utmost importance and i have many things to put away and get physically straightened out here before i can start addressing the world according to blogs and how that all tangles with our lives and how we run them. 

so...that being said - i'm going to post this and then go and play around with the settings...i'm terrified that if i play "settings" while this remains unposted that it will just disappear into a poof of green smoke never to be seen again (see - i still really am a baby at this stuff) mass - here we come - maybe i can make the background a different color..."poof"