Thursday, February 18, 2010

peach blossoms

bags are packed, cats are fed as are the fish...we are heading out in 5 minutes...and we have peach blossoms to go with the almond blossoms.  pictures will be taken when i get back - it will be beautiful.

NASHVILLE - here we come.  start baking those red velvet cakes!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

and so...

one more day until we hit the skyways and head to nashville.  we are looking forward to seeing some old friends - it's been a long time since st. charles market...and a lot of things have happened to all of us...and phone calls are great - but not the same as in person.

a very dear texas friend e-mailed me today with all the pertinent information about red velvet cake in franklin, we are ready - sandy knows all about all the good things everywhere (or so it seems).  i think we are going to have a red velvet cake party in our hotel's way too yummmmmmmmm not friday night, after cocktails...we are heading out for dinner and to find the perfect red velvet cake for consumption...or we might even find the red velvet cake on friday afternoon with the plates and the forks so it will be READY for consumption when we come back from dinner on friday night.

poor annie - she is all nose and we think she has gotten a cold...or it could be allergies - the almond blossoms have popped here (not all of them) but enough to create quite the stir among all of us who have allergies...and in this valley....if you didn't have allergies before moving here - you have them after living here for 10 years.  it will be in the mid-60's all week and by the time we get home - more and more of the orchards should be a blaze of white and pink blossoms...i'll get some pictures this year...i missed last year - the fog was horrible...and i never went back out once i got into work.  but, the camera is juiced up...and in my we shall definitely have some pictures when we get home from's always just spectacular!!!

so...suitcases are packed...and we have four going full to nashville and four coming home full from nashville...i have my tip money for the luggage, purse changed and switched over, something to do on the plane and our car reservations once we get there...and come thursday morning about 7:30 a.m. we will be heading north to the airport.

until we get home and i get the market report up - have a great weekend...and i just might twitter from market...that could be fun...