Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 has started - were we just not talking about this a few months ago - it can't possible be 2009 already - but alas, it is and so we must forge ahead. i have been attempting to make lists - it's kind of a joke actually...

i have been lost since the beginning of december when i lost my razor cell phone and had to replace it with something totally foreign to me - that has been an incredibly steep learning curve for me...and in an attempt to force myself to use the things that come with the phone...i did not purchase a dayrunner refill for my desk calendar...i'm trying...but whew...

my house is a destruction zone, the back of this shop is a destruction zone...for that matter, the world is a destruction zone...and it's not going to get any better before it gets a whole bunch worse - chaos at it's very finest.

daisy is now almost 21 weeks - she had her big girl rabies shot on tuesday and has her spay surgery scheduled for the monday before we leave for market in february. mr. nickolas turned one year yesterday - his papa bought him roasted chicken for his birthday dinner and nicky totally enjoyed his celebration supper as did the other two doggers and the kitties too!

we are working on something really cute for next october - not so much a "stitched" piece but a box full of "stuff" - i'm working on the proto-types right now that will be going with me to market in nashville.

we are also knee deep in sheet metal, bolts of fabric, cans of stain, mod podge and pva glue - and the world is going to come to a grinding halt here when boxes start arriving - because we are taking that stuff to market with us too.

annie's granddaughter angelina is growing like a weed as well...a healthy little girl who is almost 3 months old come the 11th of this month. annie has also been keeping her vet in college tuitions - her golden retreiver raider went around a corner too fast somewhere in the backyard and ripped his side open...they have sutured it twice now - and put in drains again...and he is recovering but still draining and now has a wardrobe of sweatshirts that he wears so he can't scratch the wound and rip the 2nd set of stitches out.

as you can probably tell it's been a three ringed circus around here and it's just the very beginning of the year.

i took a break from the world over the holidays - this christmas despressed me something fierce...very sad to watch very sad people and december was a tough month as it was a year anniversary of our losing our first puppy mr. shoo...but the good side was it was a year anniversary of us getting our the month was bittersweet.

my mom will be celebrating her 84th birthday at the end of this month on the same day as chinese new years we will be doing some celebrating with her and then the next sunday is superbowl and then daisy has her surgery on the monday and thursday we leave for nashville.

so...because the update has been done and because i have actually blogged a bit...and because i am trying to set myself a schedule so i keep up with this...i'm heading off to do some PVA gluing and some planning and some stuffing of a little green wool pin cushion and some more planning...and then maybe i'll attack the pile of sheet metal - but that one is some scary stuff because it's literally like razor blades on the edges - i've cut myself 3 times already - just prepping the pieces for what i need to do with them.

maybe the ups man will bring me something wonderful...and i have to go order boxes from the post office and find my list of things that i need to do and add to that... the surprising thing is that i actually know where those lists are and i can see the top of my desk - can success be too far behind?

good playoff games tomorrow and sunday - and we are now finished with college ball after last night's game and the 651 "bowl" games that have been on over the last two weeks...can baseball be far behind.

but first we need to do basketball and march madness - i'll show you "mad" :)