Friday, September 4, 2009

full moon and purple things in texas

it's a full harvest moon here tonight - just beyond big and beautiful but it is definitely making the "tidal" patterns in people's brains just a little bit weird today - whew - really quite something and yet - isn't it always just too weird on the friday before a long weekend?  i think the answer to that is yes.  i think the magic moon is going to be about the same tonight for all of us above the earth's belt - and i can hardly wait until it gets dark. 

still hot - not so humid today thank heavens - which will make it a little bit easier this weekend but they have already started shaking those almond trees and the dirt and dust in the air is going to get worse before it gets any better.

a friend in texas sent me a gorgeous picture of thistles that she took this afternoon - thought i would share - all i can take pictures of is dusty and dirty leaves at the moment - everything is covered in a disgusting brown yuck!!!  we actually have "things" growing on the tiles of our roof at home - that's how much dirt flies thru the air at harvest...we won't go into what grows in the gutters...or the need to hose them out because you can grow corn in them if you don't clean them. 

have to get the chimney sweep out to clean the fireplace - it's always easier before it gets cold - and then we are prepared at a moment's notice to light a fire if the mood strikes.

thanks to ginny for these beautiful purple things...


NIKY said...

Lovely flowers indeed. Congratulations for your new blog.
Love you .

Ginny said...

Thanks Lois! The purple things are a form of thistles and you definitely don't want to get to close to them for not only the thorns but the bees as well. :)
Hugs, Ginny