Thursday, October 1, 2009

mama kitty and a good pencil

i honestly don't know where the last week has gone - if you held a gun to my head...and you all know the rest of that story.  i can't believe it's been a week today that annie and i climbed on a plane to st. louis - it seems a million years ago and i feel like i haven't checked in with anybody - just had my head in the computer or printing or pulling orders...but i've been doing some thinking back and forth and in the early and late hours of the morning and evening as i come in and head out...stupid thinking actually because i'm tired and when i get tired i think like a stupid head.

anyway - for all of you who have been following either this blog or the one that we do somewhat weekly on the web site - remember mama kitty from the old store?  well, we have a new mama kitty at this store.  she (and her current brood) live on the other side of the now defunct railroad tracks over our side fence...she is a beautiful pale gray stripe and 1 baby looks just like her and another one has longer fur and the 3rd one has a bit of siamese in the genetic woodpile.  mama is quite tame and lets us pet her...and we give her water and some of didnot's dry food in big bowls.  i just went out and checked - and there she was - so family is now enjoying their second meal of the day...and the babies are very beautiful but just a little bit bashful.

it makes it feel like a real shop again - especially since we had the black mama kitty at the other shop by the dumpster for a very long time - i always felt so bad for her - she was very hungry when she found us - and when it was all over and done - she adopted a family down the street who provided food and a warm place to sleep and so it all worked out in the end.  we almost felt that we kept her going until somebody came to offer her a forever home - we were just that little boost she needed to make it thru the rough spot.

the other thing i was thinking about is pencils - have ya ever just found the bestest pencil in the world...but you really didn't want to use it because then it would be all used up and you wouldn't have it anymore?  isn't it just weird where the brain goes.  i found a BOX of that kind of pencil...and i'm going to target to buy at least 4 more boxes of them before they go away.  there is truly nothing more satisfying than a good pencil...and i had forgotten that...i was having a love affair with embassy suite pens...brought a bunch home from market - but i also love a good pencil!!!
i'm very tired and making no sense - full moon tonight - the air is crisp at night now - fall is truly in the air...THANK HEAVENS!!!  enjoy your evening...later!!!

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Carol B. said...

I love hotel pens!! I always take them! They write great and best of all they are FREE!! That is if you don't count the money you spent to get into the room to get the pen!!! :)