Thursday, October 8, 2009

and where or where have i been???

if i knew the answer to that - life would be good.  i'm tired - it has been non-stop for well over two weeks now - i meet myself coming in the door and heading back out - but we're good here - just moving and shoving and covering and sweeping and dusting and putting away and filling orders and generally getting ready for our retreat next weekend - it's all good...just a tad overwhelming sometimes. 

getting ready to do an update - i think i forgot how to do that too - it's just a bugger getting old...but the alternative stinks so i'll just watch a few more gray hairs pop out and be grateful.  turned cold here - literally a 25 degree drop overnight - we are definitely having fall and it's so nice - i just love it.

mama kitty and the 3 babes are good and eating me out of house and home.  need to make a decision about catching and neuturing - scares me to death because of the california law that if they are found positive for hiv or other kitty things - they have to be put down...i need to talk to bruce about it seriously - but i just can't have mama having any more kittens or have the kittens having kittens...that isn't a responsible thing to do...especially since i'm feeding them...where do the ethics lie in a case like this???  i just don't know.  in the meantime - we are finding places to tuck all our stuff in the backroom so people don't kill themselves on it next weekend.

more later - this was just an "after lunch yap" before i pick up the broom and dustmop again...but annie and kay tell me it's definitely looking better so there is hope...i will just believe there is hope!!!
back later...


Cari said...

Dear Lois - I do think the right thing to do with the kitties and their Momma is to catch and neuter. If they are HIV positive, they are what they are and would die anyway, in a sad way too. It's tough, I know, but I know you will choose the right thing. Hugs for being such a great friend to the animals...and us stitchers too!!

Glen said...

I go with catch and neuter, if you plan on supporting them. Or catch and leave at the shelter. The alternative is pretty bad: they will reproduce like crazy, they will be out in the elements, exposed to cars and dogs and other diseases. We get lots of animals dropped off out here in the country. The strong ones eat lizards, mice and rabbits and reproduce like crazy. The others get eaten by coyotes and dogs and run over by cars. We find the bodies and parts and it is awful. So we catch them and take them to the shelter where they get an inoculation first thing and are evaluated and are well taken care of by the very caring men and women at the shelter. See what your shelter policy is about euthenasia and shop around various shelters until you are happy. Most shelters will loan out traps. I really do think it is the most humane and loving thing you can do.

essy said...

glen...they kill everything here - this is the most disgusting shelter i have ever had the displeasure to be around.
we will take mama and get her neutered and of course support them and the babes until we get them in for neuter when they are about 4 months. my husband and i have rescued 7 persians from shelters - and we love them and have given them good homes...but i would never take an animal in to this shelter - it is just disgusting - beyond disgusting!!!