Tuesday, October 13, 2009

rain...rain...rain...and some more rain...

it started about 3 this morning - and it has literally not stopped and is continuing.  not seen rain in modesto like this since we moved here almost 10 years ago.  am sort of used to being a duck when we lived in marin - it rained all the time there in the winter - average rainfall was somewhere around 45 inches and we moved to modesto - 12.5 inches a year.  everytime somebody warns of doom and gloom and a giant storm that is going to eat us alive - we all quietly snore and it passes right over us.  NOT THIS TIME.  we have flooded streets, it hasn't stopped - every single window and door on the south side of our shop is leaking and i mean leaking a lot and bruce has already been down with the auxilliary load of towels when we have replaced twice and taken the soggy ones home to spin in the washer and throw into the dryer.  it just keeps on coming.  thankfully we're not leaking from the roof - just all the windows and it's seeping in between the window frames and the floors...somehow i don't think anybody chalked anything in this building...certainly not the seven foot windows - why would you need to do that??? 

mama kitty and babes have taken to the high ground somewhere - we have new food dishes in the sink ready for them tomorrow morning - their dishes have blown to the north somewhere...i hope they are safe and dry - they have to be hungry.  the spay/neuter place called yesterday and as soon as retreat is over we are going to trap mama and take her in to be spayed...the babes can't go until they are about 4 months old - hopefully we'll be able to tame them and make it a little easier.  annie has a trap so mama is our main concern before she gets herself into trouble again!!

anyway - didnot is fat and sassy and warm and dry in her shop (with the leaky doors and windows) and is quite happy...but i hear a lull in the rain so maybe i'll scamper now while i can and come in early again tomorrow and clean up the mess.  we are so trying to get ready for retreat and we are having such a tough time of it...it needs to stop raining now please!!!

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Cari said...

It's supposed to SNOW here this week...EEEK! I'll miss you at retreat this time...hope it's wonderful.