Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cranky cranky cranky

is it me??  i don't think so???  lordy lordy the world is quite a cranky place.  if you don't do your job correctly or you don't make the effort to do your job correctly or you're just plain lazy or you just don't give a flip - how is it that it always becomes the other person's fault? 

am just getting very sick and tired of those who suffer from all the above symptoms and thus end up making the rest of our lives a living hell but getting thoroughly pissed off if we dare comment or ask "how come" they are behaving like this.

trying to remain positive...let a lot of things slide right off my back...but i'm telling you - it's getting tougher and tougher to "take it all in stride" and take the high road or turn the other cheek.  what happens when we all run out of "cheeks" since any given person only has four of those? 

makes me sad that there is no ownership, no responsibility taken, no apologies made - just laying down blame for all the boo-boos at somebody else's feet and slinking away in hopes that nobody will ask "how come".

little bit of ranting going on here i'm afraid...but it's really true and it's getting worse instead of getting any better and it just makes everything so much more of a struggle and a strain...when it really shouldn't be that way.

guess i'm a little bit cranky too - but, it's december 1st and it's 24 more days until christmas and then it will be gone for yet another year.  i got our little tree almost decorated - we're going for 2 feet and sparkley this year instead of 9 feet of crystal and white and i decorated the front doors last night with giant ornament balls in white and silver and lots of curly ribbon in black, white, silver and red...it looks quite pretty actually - hanging on the red doors and it didn't take long at all...it's very twinkly.....  can actually make door hangings while on the phone...get the last of the little ornaments hung on the sparkle tree and the mantle in the family room decorated and that will be the end of it for this year...way too much going on...but wait...need to hang the dogger socks and then we'll be done.

first an out of state trip starting tomorrow to virginia and then home on the 7th and then the holidays will officially start around here...and a whole lot of other interesting things too.

off to do an update - need, need to get that done ;)


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Hi, Lois!!

Guess what? We're just doing the small tree this year too...we actually have a big one that I usually put downstairs in the window, and this smaller one that usually goes on the stair landing, but this year, I'm just keeping it simple, and clearing a table in the living room, and just decorating the smaller tree. To me, it's just symbolic towards having a less stressful time, and reminding everyone not to buy stuff for Christmas. I'm knitting and crocheting like a demon, and I plan on putting my bread machine to work...and Kara's bringing my Kitchen Aid mixer home so we can make cookies.

We're hanging in there...

DarCA said...

I'm with you on the lack of responsibility issue - it gets worse every day. I could rant more, but you said it best.

Big tree for me this year - I cannot let all my ornaments hang out in the closet through the season, they are crying to see the light of day.