Wednesday, December 9, 2009

baby it's cold outside

hard to imagine in this valley - where it can top 110 degrees in the summer time without even a blink of an eye...we had 24 degrees yesterday morning when i came in and the shop was 44 degrees INSIDE...and now it's all headed east and we are supposed to get more tomorrow.  it's very clear outside and the clearer it is the colder it gets.

driving thru the orchards yesterday morning - all the unpruned peach trees looked like white crystal and the unpruned grapevines were equally as beautiful.  i took a couple of photos when i got to the shop - wished i had been able to get the trees and the grapevines  - but the camera was here on my desk - and i thought i would share california's central valley version of 'snow' - but this is pretty cold for us - and when you have no clothing warm enough and no coats warm enough...this can be pretty bitter.  they got mountains of snow in the foothills of the sierra - enough to call a snow day for the kids yesterday...unheard of and maybe this will be the end of this drought we've had for about 4-5 years.  we can only hope as we need the snowpack so badly.

annie, kay and i have been stuffing mama mia and the babes and first cousin merlin with canned cat food as well as yet another 20 pound bag of dry - i don't know where they go at night...but i can only hope to put enough food in their bellys to keep their little internal furnances stoked...and the vet appt. for the babes for next week is the first thing on the agenda as soon as the vet's office opens this morning. 

so...checking in from the artic-like central, baby - it's very cold outside.

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Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

It's still in the 40's here in Moorpark! I'm loving it!! I got to wear one of my wool sweaters today!!!