Wednesday, November 25, 2009

turkeys...and i don't mean the ones that gobble

have ya ever just had days where you wonder what the hell people are thinking ... or not thinking as the case may be??? love a duck ... sometimes i just wonder where their brains are!!! and then i quietly think ... maybe it's just me but by the time i get to the end of that thought i realize that no, it isn't just me ... it's that people just don't seem to be thinking much past "it's all about me" these days.

i was driving home the other night making a list in my head of all the things that have driven me absolutely nutso over the last week or two ... by the time i had been in car for 1.5 miles heading home, the list was so long i couldn't remember it all and since we can't "cell" and drive at the same time here in california i couldn't even turn on the "task" part of the phone to write them all down ...
anyway ... that's enough of that ... i have had a ton of requests for pictures of mama mia and the babes ... and they have cooperated most graciously this afternoon. so ... here is part of the elegant stitch brood (the outside contingent) wishing you a very, very happy turkey day weekend. \

this is "chessie" - who we thought was chessie ... but is really "chesterfield" when you get up close and he let me hold him last night.  he is kay's favorite babe ... even now that she knows he is a he and not a little female . he is quite cheeky and will walk right in the back door if you give him any encouragement at all.

this is mama mia ... she is quite tame and loves all of us ... and we love her. she is very calm and a fierce mama ... and her tummy has healed quite well and the hair is starting to grow back .

this is frankie (ee) - you see - we're not quite sure because frankie (ee) won't get close enough for us to pick up ... obviously a totally different daddy from chesterfield ... kind of a siamese gone a little wonky:)

this is eggs ... and i don't even know how i got this picture. the most frightened cat i have ever met. we named her "eggs" because of her scrambled colors and also her personality ... she does a lot of hiding under my car ... and she blends right in on the other side of the fence amongst the browning stinging nettles and dried out weeds. she is quite plump ... so somehow she's getting her fair share of the food.

last but not least...this is merlin.  i think he is a cousin of the babes...because he is about six months older.  we don't know what flavor this pretty meow is...because - the name says it one minute and poof - gone in the blink of an eye.  merlin (or merlene) is hanging pretty close to the babes these days...and was quite out of sorts when the babes and mama mia were spending a couple of nights in the unit next door while mama was recovering from her surgery.  this one is going to be the toughest to catch (if we can) and this one is our priority after we get the babes in for their surgeries right after i get back from williamsburg the 2nd week of december.

so...there is my herd of kitty meows.  there are three more - the 2 daddies and a solid black one with yellow eyes...but we rarely see them - usually in the dark when everybody has gone home...they come and see if there is any food left in the dishes outside the back door.

have a wonderful, safe, happy and terrific turkey day - even if you have ham (like annie) or a peanut butter and jelly's all good.  i have many things to be thankful for and the upcoming year is going to present some major challenges and some incredible interesting changes around here and i am looking forward to all of them with a little fright, much anticipation and great hope for the amazing things we are going to do.  ENJOY!!!  it's all good!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Callie Mae is our rescue kitty--she rescued us! She is the best part of our day--wakes up every day happy, happy happy! Most days I like cats better than people, because I don't think people think anymore and if they do--look out--it's probably not good

Denise said...

LOVE the pictures of all the kitties. They are all cute as can be. I'm such a sucker for cats. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful here in Santa Rosa. :) I finished the stitching on April and October's ES Retreat projects and now have some finishing to do! Can't wait to show you in April. :)