Sunday, November 15, 2009

some silliness and other sunday stuff...

the geese are staying...despite silly rumors to the contrary - i came in this morning for multiparted chores...and they were in the field...about fifty of them...any goose who thinks that modesto in the winter is better than mexico or parts south and warm - needs their collective heads examined...but what's the alternative.

other news - no football game today because we played on thursday we're taking the doggers on an outing to pet smart...that should be soon as i finish this and get home...then tomorrow we have dogger day spa (and they desperately need it) so i'll work all day down here until it's time to go get them about 2:00 ish.

last but not least....mama and the babes are now out enjoying the sunshine after their period of "lock-up".  mama is recovered from her surgery and is enjoying a bath and a warm spot in the flowerbed...the babes are out and about as only babes can be on a warm fall morning...and we got permission yesterday that project X will fund the babe's excess neutering fees so sometime around christmas - we're going to do the whole thing again and take all three of them in...

we've named them:  mama mia, chessie (because she looks like linda's chessie cat); frankie or frankee depending on the flavor (which we don't know right now) and eggs - because she is such a scrambled up calico.  eggs couldn't find her way outside this morning...i think she's just a little bit scrambled - not only in colors of her fur - but also her personality...but it's all good now.

enjoy your sunday...i'm off to do an update and then get home where the stacks are taller than the ones here in the shop.

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