Monday, January 18, 2010

rhythms and things

it's been very interesting since we moved into the new place...trying to find the rhythm  of the shop...which is a totally different "dance" than the old shop.  it's amazing how quickly we get hooked into the "patterns" of our lives...come in one door, leaving thru the same door, remembering to turn on lights, setting timers, locking doors, turning on alarm systems.  very weird when you have to re-learn patterns that you spent 22 months learning in one place - they are all gone with the mere change of a key and security code.

we are almost finished here...this was a tough one because it was so quick and so necessary.  BUT, when you have two weeks to literally move your world and everybody else thinks it's christmas and new's a tough transition to be sure and i had some amazing help from some amazing places...

i look back on those two weeks now and wonder how it ever got done...but we did.  now i can continue on with the transition of the new web site that is being built and stumble thru some more frustration with the new software that got installed last week that i hoped would make the e-mail and internet stronger but infact is probably so frustrating that you don't want me to get started.

i still have a blog program that thinks i'm fluent in japanese - NOT - and although i love their art, culture, clothing, etc...i just can't open blogspot editing in japanese...and it doesn't matter how hard i try - nothing "english" seems to stick on any of the dashboard editing places.  and you can only imagine what happens when you try to log-in to the blogspot in english when they've decided to flip it back to japanese...with japanese log-ins and passwords - to quote lucy "arrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

anyway - it's pouring here - the first of the series of storms slamming california started last night...and it is just coming down in buckets.  dropped all three of the four-foots off at the beauty parlor this morning...although it's kind of a joke because they are going to be filthy in about 30 seconds if they go outside...have to pick up gatsby at 2:00 and take him over to dr. mike for his booster shot and then head back over to the beauty parlor and pick up nickolas and daisy and then take them home.  the streets are already flooding here - we have the worst possible drainage - and it doesn't take much to create some memorable lakes in the streets of modesto. 

this is supposed to last all week - and all of us who know that california is in drought mode are just praying for a ton of snow to be dropped in the sierras - the lakes and reservoirs are so empty and low...we need the snowpack so badly, and the ski places need the business too - they have had some rocky times the last couple of years with the economy  and then with the lack of serious snow that would hold thru easter week - it just hasn't been here in a few years.

anyway - back to rhythms and getting used to a new shop and how the roof sounds when it rains and the wind is blowing outside...and how the rhythms of our lives work and how lucky i feel to be here enjoying a monday.

have a good to play on the website!!!


Liz S. said...

And I it's a relief not having the water leak issues in the new shop with all this rain we're getting!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

The storms are a good test of the roof!!! Stay warm and dry!!!