Friday, January 29, 2010 didn't come up in japanese this time...things must be

improving...could that possibly be???

just a quick note to let everybody know that we are alive and fairly well...after 11 straight has quit raining for now...we are in full preparation for nicky is going to the dog trainer on monday because we seem, being the middle child, to have a little bit of aggression that has got to stop...i'm hanging pictures in the shop tomorrow - having fixed all the ones that got soaked during the flooding at the other shop...couldn't hang anything until everything was i have new picture nails...and a good hammer and i am bound and determined that i will not let the hammer fall off the ladder and onto my head like it did the last time i hung pictures in a new shop - 22 months ago.

off to start an update...and hopefully finish it first thing in the morning...even if it means the 5:30 alarm again...i can sleep in until 6:00 on sunday before the "got to get this done today!!!" list comes out in full mode.

getting ready for market is always a little insane arouind's just not getting us out the door but a few other people it's always a bit of a challenge...but well worth the results...and no sooner do i get 15 things crossed off the "to do" list than there are 35 more added...i know it's just a diminishing return most of the time...and the "to do" list for this weekend will cause a faintness of heart on my part.

anyway...of to start on the update and hopefully get quite a bit bowl this weekend...and super bowl a week from sunday...and it might even be a great that BF is not going to be playing in it.  (sorry, that was really political...but i am so very, very tired of BF!!!)

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