Thursday, December 18, 2008

cold - it's very cold here and we are a bunch of cowards...i know it's far colder in other places...but the 5 palm trees outside our back door have down coats on. we had mini ice rinks on the puddles left over from the rain earlier this week...and a very hard freeze last night and the temp never got above 30 on the car temp thing this morning on the way in. we are nothing but wimps...and i'll admit it.

the puppies are all sleeping in later and later - blankies all around them...and i must get a picture of them...trying to get them up in the morning is quite the chore.

annie's raider dog (a beautiful golden retreiver rescue) went shopping last night for his little girlfriend daisy and annie delivered a very pink and quite plush dogger bed for her at the shop...she loves it and has done some serious nesting in it this morning.

we are doing the last final steps in preparation for the holidays and i have at least 5 orders to get in before close of business i had better shake it and get moving - all i hear is "tick/tick" before the end of the year.

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