Monday, November 24, 2008

cold and getting colder

musings in the orchards...
i must love autumn because i was born in it. the browns, golds & oranges are very warm and inviting to me...and make me feel comfortable in my own skin. the puppies and i went for a mile walk yesterday (a mile is a very long way if you have tiny little legs like daisy) and her brothers taught her how to jump in large piles of leaves that line the curbs of our town right now. if you rake all the leaves off into the gutters - the city comes around and sucks them up and removes them. this usually works okay if they get the huge piles sucked up before the rain - and we are expecting a storm tomorrow i believe. if the leaves are still there - we turn a great many of our streets into lakes...and that makes navigation quite interesting - to say the least

the peach trees are now standing in pools of golden leaves around the base of their trunks - quite beautiful - and our japanese maples in the yard are red and the leaves falling off. we cut back all the peonies yesterday but the new sprouts are already starting to come up - will have to remember to protect them from the freezes when they happen in january or we will have frozen little nubs.

the microchip in our oven has died with no time to get it fixed before turkey day - so decisions have been made and although it might be unconventional...steamers and new york steak will be the thanksgiving feast this year. my mom is going to be spending the day and she will be in puppy heaven as bruce spends most of the day with football raging quietly around our ears.

am hoping to get some puppala coats cut out sometime this week since i am now as free as a bird with all the finishing done and completed and shipped off to it's rightful places around the country. huge weight off my shoulders and it also frees up my brain to start planning and making lists and checking them twice...and focuses me on other things that i need to get done for the following year.

as far as puppala coats are concerned - i think miss daisy buchanan will be wearing a little slicker that i have left from when the boys were puppies...she's 14 weeks old now, smart as a whip and is getting a bathie this afternoon in preparation for her final puppy shot with dr. michael tomorrow morning at 9 and then she will be already for her rabies vacine and then we won't have to darken the vet's doorway with the puppies until the almond blossoms burst in late february because she will be needing her surgery by then.

i have had some wonderful ideas in the last few weeks about things for the shop - exclusives to us and i'm very excited about them...and am making a run around some websites to start gathering goodies for the shop goodies. this is when the brain really goes to town...and since i am already SO sick of the holidays - because somehow they started in july this year...
watched andy rooney on 60 minutes last night...he's tired of them shoving thanksgiving aside and i can't say that i blame him. it's kind of sad when halloween starts in june and christmas in july and by the time both events happen - they are already talking about valentine's day - just makes me a little bit crazy.

anyway - this is supposed to be my day off - fat chance - i still have a very long list at home...that seems to get longer by the minute...and since there is no rest for the wicked...and i am very, very wicked (obviously) i'm heading to parts unknown and to fill up my gas tank at $1.89.9 which we haven't seen in years - last time i filled up it was $2.23.9 and i thought that was sweet. as bruce says - you can do it all for $40.00 now and still get change back... is the worm finally starting to turn? we hope so...the pollyana in me is making my cheeks hurt ::)

i hope to be back either here and/or before the turkey day plan those chores, make those lists and for heaven's sake - try to stay out of the grocery stores on wednesday - it could be dangerous to your health :)

great week everybody!